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Hello again

August 26, 2016

Hello again, World. 🙂

Me, as briefly as I can manage:

– Feminist, always striving to be intersectional

– LARPer first, (amateur) ballroom dancer second, board gamer and fangirl around third.

– Early 30s

– Boston area, life long Northeaster

– Bisexual, present female (identity is more complicated…)


– Eager to Play All The LARPs, of All The Kinds, as my knowledge of what is available has grown so much in the last three months. (Is it only three months since Living Games Conference? Absurd)

– Been in theater style since 2000, boffer LARP since 2013, messing around with various kinds of freeform intermittently, and hopefully a lot in the future.

My three biggest LARP experiences in 2016, in chronological order:

– Leap day: Leaving the boffer LARP I was heavily involved with staffing for three years. It’s been six months, and the amount of energy I have for other projects is amazing

– May: Attending in Austin, TX. I’ve joked that I need a locked twitter account that no one reads where I just tweet about how much I love Living Games and how transformative it’s been. It’s hard to describe what was so amazing, but I’ll try. One of the things I’m planning to do is post commentary on some LGC content, so you’ll hear about it. 🙂

– July: Attended New World Magischola: Wizard college, and so much better developed than Harry Potter. 🙂 By americans, in the style of College of Wizardy in Poland, and I am not going to try to define Nordic LARP in my first post, or perhaps ever. I don’t even truly believe Nordic LARP can be defined, but I’ve got a friend who is committed to proving me wrong. 🙂

Honorary mention to my first session at Crossover where my good friend Kat had me sobbing on the floor for hours. My first session!

My upcoming LARP plans:

– As many runs of parlor theater style and freeform games as I can manage, at my house etc

– September: Two runs of A Single Silver Coin, my theater style you’re-dead-and-crying game. 🙂

– December: New World Magischola Yuletide Escapade: While I had a mixed time at NWM, I’m going back for more. 🙂

-February 2017: Intercon, as always and always. 🙂 I was con chair, GM liasion, Ops head, board member (9 years on that one).  I’ve bid I Say A Little Prayer, and who knows what ele I’ll get up to.

– February 2017: Maybe Knutepunkt??? In Norway??? It is *the* Nordic LARP conference, and I’ve been pining after it but was sure i couldn’t go, but today I got a temp job and realize the trip is significantly cheaper than I thought

– August 2017: Just A Little Lovin’, the experience I most excited about of all. More on that later. 🙂

Actually, more on all of this later, I think this is a good place to stop. 🙂